Electrics → Needle and Hook Sets

System cable unlocking set, 23-piece

Item no.: 32160L

EAN: 4033592061193

Unlocking tool set, 9-piece

Item no.: 32100L

EAN: 4033592045360

Unlocking tool set, VAG/ Porsche, 11-piece

Item no.: 32120L

EAN: 4033592047562

Replacement Sleeves, 3-piece

Item no.: 32100L-1

EAN: 4033592085854

Unlocking Tool

Item no.: 32100L-CE01

EAN: 4033592085861

Unlocking Tool

Item no.: 32100L-CE02

EAN: 4033592085878

Unlocking Tool

Item no.: 32100L-CE05

EAN: 4033592085885

Unlocking tool

Item no.: 32100L-CE53

EAN: 4033592078986

Unlocking tool

Item no.: 32100L-CE56

EAN: 4033592058049

Unlocking tool

Item no.: 32100L-CE91

EAN: 4033592058056

Needle and hook set, Mercedes-Benz, 6-piece

Item no.: 10655L

EAN: 4033592037860

Needle and hook set, 18-piece

Item no.: 10650L

EAN: 4033592026727

Needle and hook set, 27-piece

Item no.: 10660L

EAN: 4033592040396